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Witness Statement: Fanaticism Charges

Many of today’s charges that Ellen White engaged in fanaticism during the years 1845-1846 are a recycling of old charges. The following witness statement, published in 1860 and signed by 29 individuals, speaks for itself.

“In view of the slanderous reports circulated by a few individuals against Bro. and Sister White, we feel called upon to testify that we have been personally acquainted with them and their course since 1844, and therefore know that any statements that would represent them as being in any wise connected with, or countenancing in any degree, those fanatical abominations into which some in Maine and elsewhere were drawn during the years 1844-1846, are wicked and malicious falsehoods. We have never known them to be in the least infected with the spirit or works of fanaticism, but on the contrary, as the untiring and unflinching opposers of the same.”

H. N. Smith,                  George Cobb,
S. B. Belden,                 Lewis O. Stowell,
Edward Andrews,         Laura T. Stowell,
S. L. Andrews,              Lewis B. Stowell,
A. S. Andrews,              Marion C. Stowell,
Cyprian Stevens,          Sarah H. Stowell,
Almira T. Stevens,         N. N. Lunt,
Paulina R. Stevens,       S. H. Lunt,
F. J. Stevens,                R. D. Waterman,
Stockbridge Howland   D. W. Wright,
L. M. Howland,             Thomas Worcester,
F. H. Howland,              Lydia Bolton,
R. D. Howland,              P. A. Gammon,
M. R. Aderton,               Abram Barnes,
                 S. W. Flanders.

(Spiritual Gifts, volume 2, 301)