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Ellen White Answers
Ellen White Answers
Ellen White
Answering the questions and critics on Ellen G. White

Jud Lake’s book, Ellen White Under Fire, published by Pacific Press in May 2010.

June 30th, 2014


During her lifetime, Ellen White withstood wave upon wave of personal criticisms. Yet the historical records confirm her as a person of integrity, and her writings confirm her loyalty to the Bible. In Ellen White Under Fire, Dr. Jud Lake provides a comprehensive assessment of Ellen White critics, past and present, as well as her defenders all the while building confidence in her prophetic gift.

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“Purpose of Ellen White Under Fire”

November 12, 2010

Ellen White Under Fire: Identifying the Mistakes of Her Critics (Pacific Press, 2010) forms the theological framework for everything written on this websiteand articulates what Seventh-day Adventists believe about Ellen G. White. It addresses the larger issues behind the negative campaign against Ellen White’s prophetic ministry: how one views revelation-inspiration, the nature of authority, and interpretation of inspired writings. As such, it an important and helpful supplementary read to this website.

The nut-shell message I want readers to take home after reading this book is that Ellen White wasn’t the fanatic her critics make her out to be, that her prophetic gift doesn’t threaten the final authority of the Bible, and that she was a Christian woman with deep evangelical piety whose voice deserves to be heard in its original historical and literary contexts. Seventh-day Adventists have thus been given a wonderful gift in her prophetic ministry.

Clifford Goldstein, editor of the Seventh-day Adventist Adult Bible Study Guides, writes in the foreword, “Not long into Jud Lake’s Ellen White Under Fire, I thought,This should have been done long, long ago. Though other books have dealt with this difficult and sometimes painful issue–difficult because we can’t explain everything perfectly; painful because people have been hurt badly–I can’t think of anything else that deals with this crucial topic so thoroughly and in such detail.” For a look at the table of contents and what other reviewers say about the book, go here. Get your copy at the Adventist Book Center.